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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus 2024

21st May to June 1st 2024

24th September to the 5th of October 2024


Yin Yoga Courses

Peter & Sue are accredited trainers & our yin yoga teacher training course is fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK
Evolutionary Yoga1.0 Name of course : 100 hour  Evolutionary Yin Yoga  Teacher Training Certification Course recognised by the Yoga Alliance Professionals

Year : 2024

Number of Modules : 1

Location :  Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre ,  Bacelo, Amieira, Oleiros,  Castelo Branco, Portugal, 6160-052
Meeting Times : The course is residential . You will arrive for  the training the day before the course starts  & leave the day after the course ends. The actual course is over 10 full days. Each day will start at 7am &  finish at 9pm  with breaks throughout the day

Principle SYT’s : Susan Billington Peter Askew

This is a professional, authentic, comprehensive, revolutionary, well-organised and highly effective training program. Moreover, this Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a profoundly transformational, healing and life-affirming journey.
What makes our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program unique &exceptional is the level of experience , broad knowledge& heart centred and talented teaching abilities of our founder’s Peter Askew & Susan Billington who are both Yoga Alliance professionals  SYT’s , who have been Teaching for many years & holding space & teaching approximately 25 retreats a year at their dedicated retreat centre in Portugal for over a decade.

In addition to being Yoga Teachers & Therapists between them they hold qualifications in Mindfulness, contemporary shamanism & integrated  homeopathy & Chinese 5 element theory. To learn more about them please refer to their Biographies on the website.

Sue & Peter lead their outstanding Evolutionary Yin Yoga Teacher Certification Courses at Yoga Evolution Retreats their own retreat centre and home in central Portugal. The retreat centre is unique in that it has been  thoughtfully designed as  a great venue to support their training courses. It is a friendly, magical, authentic, intimate , genuine community surrounded by beautiful nature & wildlife. They have peaceful & comfortable accommodation, healthy gourmet vegetarian food and a stunningly  beautiful location & views. The group sizes are small capped at no more than 16 students ensuring you get plenty of individual support. It is their commitment that you will feel valued, safe, nurtured & cared for  on every level during your stay.
The Yin Yoga Teacher Training is run as an intensive retreat.  You can apply yourself fully to living and breathing yoga for the duration of the retreat, in the company of like-minded people. Expect to leave the yin yoga teacher training fully ready to teach yin yoga , to hold space in a deeper more compassionate way and brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm for the new ways you can apply your art as a yoga teacher.


Our Course Fees include all your food, accommodation, transport to & from our local town Oleiros & your final teaching assessment

Consistent with our commitment to  sharing knowledge and making yoga accessible to all we keep tuition fees as low as possible and offer one part-funded bursary (50% of the course price) per course to a dedicated yoga student with a demonstrated financial need and active involvement in a community that could benefit from yoga. Please e-mail us to find out more details.
The total course fees are 1200 Euros  payable by an initial 300 Euro deposit and the rest payable 6 weeks/ 42 days before the start of the course. For further information about course fees& our cancellation policy, please see our Terms &Conditions.


This Yin Yoga Teacher Training focuses on Yin   & other Daoist Yoga Practice’s  in the areas listed below. Students are required to develop their own yoga practice in the key areas during the training & will learn how to implement yin yoga practice in their daily live’s. Further to this , it is essential for all students who wish to go on to Teach Yin Yoga to consolidate their learning & develop by teaching  Yin Yoga in practice sessions throughout the training. The students will be confidently & competently qualified to teach yin yoga to group  classes as well as clients in 1-2-1 settings
The Course will include the following Key Areas of study-
-     Pranayama -  including breath assessment & physiology & those breathing techniques which are appropriate to be combined with a yin practice
-     Qigong practices to complement yin
-     Drishti - internal & external
-     Cleansing Techniques
-     Chakras & Dantians
-     Nadis & Meridians
-     Koshas
-     Vayus
-     Applied anatomy in Myo Fascial trains & Skeletal structure . Physical,  energetic & subtle esoteric  anatomy
-     5 element theory focusing on the organs
-     Physiology as applicable to Yoga Practice from the Eastern & Western Perspectives
-     shamanic organ healing within a yin yoga practice
-     History of Yoga & Shamanism
-     comparative Philosophy Of Yoga, Taoism & Contemporary Shamanism
-     yin yoga Technique, teaching skills & Methodology, training & practice
-     Psychology of Yoga
-     Teaching & Lifestyle Ethics
-     Evolutionary Astrology
-     inner smile
-     class sequencing
-     journaling & yin
-     introduction to Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

-     Using scents, homeopathy & visuals in a yin yoga practice
-     Gong baths using Paste planetary gongs
-      yin & sound - Bija mantras, healing sounds, simple chants
-     yin & the art of story telling


By the end of this course trainees will have developed practical knowledge & understanding of the key areas listed. Further to this they will have consolidated their learning by putting into practice as outlined:


-   Students will have a thorough working knowledge of joint freeing   sequences based on Pawanmuktasana of the yogic tradition & a variety of Qigong joint purging, cleansing  & opening practices


-        Students will have an in depth knowledge & understanding of the full repertoire of yin yoga postures
-        Students will experience two hours in depth Yin Asana Practice daily  with ample individual help & support
-       Students will be able to safely & effectively guide yin asana practice
-       Students will learn the art of observation, clear verbal & safe hands on assists & adjustments in yin Asana Practices.
-      Students will learn the art of postural analysis ,be aware of common    misalignments & how to safely correct them
-       Students will be able to accurately Teach yin Yoga postures & their variations & modifications using clear verbal instructions
-     Students will be able to effectively sequence yin postures & be able to Teach led  yin Yoga classes
-     Students will have a sound knowledge of benefits of & contraindications of all of the practices learned.
-     students will learn hows to effectively prop yin yoga postures
-     students will learn the art of effectively hold space in a yin posture practice class


-        Students will be able to lead with correct pitch & pronunciation selected simple chants in Sanskrit, Pali & Mandarin.
-     Students will be well versed in the use of healing sounds from the  Taoist tradition & how to combine them with yin postures
-     Students will be able to integrate Bija mantra sounds with yin practices.


-     Students will learn the art of breath assessment
-     Students will have a robust understanding and working knowledge of the implications, benefits, applications  & effects of different Pranayamas  that work well in a yin practice & be able to explain & effectively teach basic pranayama practices


-    Students will understand how to both sit or stand in ways that compliment & facilitate a meditation practice.
-       Students will have an understanding of what meditation is & how it works  & will have times devoted to asking questions about the practice & regular group process looking at what has arisen during practice.
-      They will experience daily practice of both guided Mindfulness meditation & silent meditation including periods of silence during the course. There will be opportunities for further study in this areas.


-       Students will gain a simple yet thorough understanding of human anatomy including the names & locations of major muscle groups . They will learn about Myo fascia & anatomy trains & how to safely   influence  them in a yin yoga practice
-      Students will recap the names, structures, functions & types of joints in the body  .
-     Students will have a sound understanding of bone makeup  & the human skeletal structure  & how individual differences can vary   alignment applications
-      Students will learn physical, emotional & energetic  Organ anatomy from the perspective of the Chinese 5 element theory & how yin yogic practices can influence them.
-     Students will understand benefits & contraindications of practices taught from an anatomical perspective with the purpose of injury prevention
-     Students will largely learn through hands on experience thus preparing them to lead classes that are safe & structurally sound


-      Students will have sound knowledge of the Central nervous system with special emphasis being placed on the Autonomic Nervous System & its implications in yin yoga practices & how it can be regulated to help manage mental health  & balance emotions.
-     Students will have a basic understanding of the systems of the body including the respiratory , circulatory, digestive , lymphatic & endocrine systems & how these may be influenced  & impacted by yin Yoga practices


-   Students will gain a fundamental understanding of the function and physical mechanics of the body in relationto yin yoga
-   Students will gain a  strong awareness& practical experience of how to work with the breath during a Yin Yoga Practice
-  Students will develop   physical intuitiveness in  Yin Yoga so that they will be able to identify & respect their edge.
-    Students will develop a Comprehensive understanding of performing anatomically safe and conscious hands onadjustments to yoga students in yin yoga postures
-  Students will develop a keen  awareness of how to read different body types so as to  prevent injuries and/or modify or advance certain postures, based on individual needs


-     Students will be knowledgeable about  both the roots & contemporary  history of Yin Yoga


-     Students will gain  a background understanding of our rich Shamanic heritage & how contemporary shamanism can be effectively married with Yin Yoga practices.
-     During the course Students will benefit from potent shamanic practices integrated into the yin yoga practice to assist their own healing journey.   
-     There will be opportunities for further study in this area.


-      students will gain an understanding of Eastern & Western Models of the self & the mind  & how yoga practices can influence them
-     Students will understand how the Nervous System effects the mind & how to balance it through yoga practice


-     Students will have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of yoga philosophy & how it compares with Buddhist & Taoist Phlosophy.


-      Students will gain knowledge  of Yama Niyama, the attitudes & orientations of Yoga & how to apply them on & off the Mat to bring about personal  transformation & evolution
-      Students will clearly understand the Ethics of conduct of a Yoga Teacher from the Therapeutic Perspective


-        Students will have their birth chart drawn at the start of the course.
-      Students will learn the basics of astrology & its implications for their personal evolutionary practices.
-       There will be opportunity for getting their individual charts read & for further study in this area  on additional training


-       Students will experience Restorative Yoga daily during the training  Modules primarily to enhance the training experience & as a form of power nap to balance the intensity of the course. They will also  understand the background,  basic techniques implemented & the differences to yin yoga
-     students will experience regular yoga Nidra sessions to  consolidate the teachings  ( we will for example use anatomical terms for various rotations of awareness) & as  a potent formula for restoration. They will learn the basics  of its methodology &  wide reaching applications as a taster for potential further study & training.
-     Students will experience a deeply healing & rejuvenating Paiste Planetary gong bath each evening . They will learn the basics of sound healing so that they can confidently integrate sound scapes into their yin classes.


-      Students will learn about the energetic structure of the human body & its potent energy centres from both the Yogic & Taoist perspectives.
-     Students will be able to correlate physical & energetic sensations during practice to the framework of the Chakras & Dantians
-     Students will learn how yin postures  can be a potent platform for working with the energy centres & in what ways.


-      Students will gain an understanding &  practical application in practice  of the main energy channels of the body from the Yogic & Taoist perspectives.
-     Students will learn the major meridian pathways & how to work with meridians to enhance the health & performance of the bodily organs .
-     Students will learn how to enhance & purify the energetic flow within the major central energetic pathways


- Students will learn about the internal & external  types & movements of  energy from the Yogic & Taoist perspectives


-  Students will gain Fundamental knowledge of how to teach and sequence yin  yoga classes for beginner through to advanced level
- They will have the Ability to adapt &teach yin yoga classes to both individuals and groups
- They will have the Ability to recogniseskeletal bodily variations in make up with the purpose of  modifying  or advancing certainpostures based on the need of the  practitioner.
-     they will have learned how to use clear verbal instructions and anatomical teaching points
-     advice on what makes a good Yoga teacher & how to teach intelligently and safely.


-     students will gain an understanding of the benefits & methodology of daily journaling
-     students will have the opportunity to journal daily during the yin teacher training


-     students will understand & have practical experience in the safe use of aromatherapy, woods & herbs scents during class
-     students will learn the ritual of smudging both the bodily aura  & the practice space

- students will learn the basics of sound healing including solfeggio frequencies  & Paiste planetary gongs  during a yin class


Over the duration of the course we will help you to deepen your knowledge of the science of yin yoga – anatomy, physiology, teaching techniques, philosophy,   – as we teach you how to use your artistic creativity in class planning and sequencing. Learn to teach yin with pranayama and meditation in your own individual way, from the heart, with awareness, compassion, sensitivity and clarity.
-     Qigong Practice
-    yin  Practice
-    In depth study of different yin postures
-    History of Yoga  &   Shamanism
-    Yoga Philosophy
-    Daoist Philosophy
-    Contemporary Shamanism
-     Physical Anatomy  - skeletal system , functional anatomy, myo   fascial trains
-    Physiology inc -  nervous   system , respiratory system,  digestive   system, lymphatic system, endocrine system
-    Breath Assessment
-    Pranayama - Principles &    basic techniques
-    Teaching House keeping, safety & Contraindications
-    Meditation Techniques & Practice
-    Chanting
-    Basic Restorative Yoga
-    Yoga Nidra Practice
-    Planetary Gong Baths
-    use of scent
-    homeopathy lecture
-    Sound Healing lecture
-    Astrology Lecture
92 with Peter & Sue

8 with Julianna


Total Hours :  100
Minimum Contact Hours :  100
The SYT’s are Teaching a minimum of 92 % of the Course


-     4 Course Manuals  covering the Key areas of the syllabus
-     A Recommended Reading List & optional Reading List will be provided during the course & students area expected to purchase these books themselves. ***** Some of these books may be available at a discounted price at the Yoga Alliance store as part of your membership benefits


To be accepted on the course Students need to have completed a  minimum of  a 200 hour general Yoga Teacher Training certified course or if they are doing the course for personal development must have been practicing Yoga regularly for at least 2 years. It is advisable that they have been practicing yin yoga for enough time to be familiar with its general methodology & key practices  before the course to get the full benefits. As this is a continued professional development course students will not be required to have more than foundational knowledge or understanding of any of the key areas of study. However they must demonstrate keen enthusiasm for & commitment to furthering their knowledge & understanding.


In order to graduate from the course and to receive your Evolutionary Yin yoga Teacher Training Diploma, you will need to have:

-     Teaching Practice - Throughout the training students will do Teaching Practices -  Micro Classes  of  10 - 30 minutes duration  based on   Yin asana, related pranayamas &  meditations students will teach to small groups of their peers.

-     YinYoga Class Assessment -  On the last day the Students will develop a 1.5 hour class based on what they have learned during the training  & Teach it to  all of their Peers. They will be asked to hand in a detailed class plan for evaluation, the whole of the class will be observed & they will receive detailed written feedback for this.

-     Journalling -  The students are required to keep a daily 5 minute journal detailing their self practice & any thoughts that arise for the duration of the course.

-     Homework - During the Course the students will need to do a  written class plan for a  1.5 hour yin class, which they will need to submit for assessment.

-     Course Fees -To attend the course all course fees must be paid in full

10 course  days over 1 Module
Current Course dates -
Tuesday 21st May to the Saturday 1st June 2024
Tuesday 24th September to Saturday 6th October 2024


Trainees need to fully attend & participate in all of the course.  If for any reason they cannot attend or fully participate , the SYT will decide which parts of the training need to be completed at a later date.  To complete any parts of the training the following options are available depending on what has been missed : attending a later session that is part of another training group,  1-2-1 tuition,  additional homework  (additional charges may apply), only receiving the hours for the attended part of the course.


This Training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals & has meets the stringent requirements set by  YAP . Our graduates are trained to the highest standard & this course is recognised as continued professional development by theYAP & adds to your overall training. hours.

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