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Yin Yoga Training Courses Portugal, Europe

2023 - May 23rd to 3rd June - Course Full

2023 - 19th September to 30th

21st May to June 1st 2024

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Welcome to Evolutionary Yoga, a mind, body, heart and spiritual journey to develop an awareness of our ever evolving selves. EY offers comprehensive yoga retreats and 100 hour yin yoga teacher training courses & 300 hour foundation EY yoga courses to those wanting to delve deeper into many ancient wisdom teachings to enhance health and wellbeing.

yin yoga training coursesThe practices that EY incorporate not only benefit ourselves but also all of the other beings we share this beautiful blue planet with  in fact more than that they help to heal the mother earth herself. Our courses are open to everybody wanting to develop a practice that actually serves us as individual spiritual beings on a quest to find our own innate wisdom to share with the world. We offer the opportunity to train in yoga, qigong, mindfulness meditation, shamanic and astrological certification.

yin yoga retreatsEY brings together the ancient and modern day teachings of yoga, qigong, shamanism & meditation practices and is influenced by the vinyasa yoga method of practice as well as the subtle dynamics of exploration through the fascial meridian lines of the body which are closely related to Chinese medicine. We integrate the ancient teaching of qigong for a much more powerful way of building a body that is strong and flexible within its own limitations & energetic and vibrant. We teach mindful meditation practices that are transformative and last a lifetime as we learn the working of our mind from a place of being a true witness to our ever changing subjective experience. The shamanic medicine wheel and its teaching & practice have paved the way for us to feel deeply into our bodies as well as opening our minds to infinite possibilities of finding peace and tranquillity in a world that moves at a very fast and relentless pace. The type of evolutionary astrology we share here has been growing in popularity over the years and on our retreat we explore our birth charts to help our awareness grow exponentially.

qigong and yin retreats
Golden Cosmic Womb
yoga training
Swan Pose
residential yin yoga training
Rolling Panda
yin yoga course
Easy Pose with Mizuki
become a yin yoga teacher

yin yoga training yoga alliance accredited

Peter & Sue are accredited trainers & our yin yoga teacher training course & 300 hour foundation courses are fully accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK

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